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A Pharmacy that’s different to any other, working outrageously hard for your medication and health

Here at Westwood Pharmacy we’re far more than a UK based Pharmacy that offers thousands of medicines and healthcare products over the internet


Do you often feel like a ticket number when you are at the pharmacy? You turn up, you wait, you collect your order and leave. No-one really seems interested in you or indeed what you’re there for.


Westwood Pharmacy is a pharmacy that cares for your wellbeing. You’re important to us; perhaps more significantly you’re important to you, so we want you to know that your health is at the heart of all that we do. And to gain your trust in us as a pharmacy who cares about its service to you, all of our services are guaranteed. Can your current pharmacy offer you this kind of reassurance?


The staff at Westwood Pharmacy has been carefully selected as people who genuinely care for the people that we serve and that’s why people from across the Oldham area are allowing us to help them with all aspects of their health, whether that be delivering their medication to their home or providing professional advice to them or their family members.


Westwood Pharmacy is a family run business, started by a husband and wife team who were raised in a community which had high rates of illnesses such as Diabetes, Heart disease and Asthma and who had cared for family members suffering from long term illnesses themselves. They knew that so much more could be done to help people with these and many other conditions, and it was this experience and compassion that soon saw local people changing pharmacists and recommending Westwood Pharmacy to friends and family once the doors were opened to the public.


A personal message from the Principal and founder of Westwood Pharmacy

“Our community is officially one of the most was deprived areas in the UK, a place where many people suffer long-term illnesses like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Asthma.

Some of my family suffer too, and so need on-going treatment, which is one of the reasons I know what makes for good quality healthcare advice and service.

As a family owned and run business at the centre of the community, quality of care is something we’ve tried to bring into every aspect of Westwood Pharmacy, making it the very best it can be when it comes to the range and quality of our products and services.

That’s why, even though our community had no shortage of pharmacies, we were given permission to set up in 2008 by the NHS because we were recognised as being able to bring something that other independent and high street pharmacies in the area weren’t able to offer.

And even though, we don’t have a doctor’s surgery next door to guarantee business, like many pharmacies, our success has been dramatic.


Because we love what we do and it shows to our customers – because we get satisfaction from helping them feel better, they are confident about what we do, while enjoying a personal service they can never get from a high street chemist or a pharmacy that’s just motivated by money. That’s why so many of our patients recommend us to their family and friends.

We’d like to help you too.”

So what else sets us apart? What do we do that goes that little bit further?

We were never happy with Westwood pharmacy being just a Pharmacy, we are much more than that; pride, passion and conviction is executed in every aspect of the pharmacy, from performing 8 point checks on every single prescription to making sure every form of medication undergoes a 10 point check before it gets to you. But that’s not all…


Storing Medication

All our medication is stored under controlled temperatures, which is monitored by a calibrated thermometer to ensure your medication is not damaged through temperature in any way.


Where the medication comes from

All of our medicines have UK marketing authorisations so that all your medication is made to UK standards. All our Medicines meet the standards of safety, quality and efficacy. We only source our medication from MHRA accredited wholesalers. This ensures every product has been processed according to The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and that you can remain assured of the quality of every product on our shelves.


Our expert pharmacists and staff insist that it’s your health that comes first. We assess all your medication using information from a wide variety of sources including; manufacturers' product literature, medical and pharmaceutical literature, UK health departments, regulatory authorities, and professional bodies to ensure you receive the absolute best in Pharmacy service.


We also take listening very seriously and we are continuously gathering feedback from patients to ensure that we are continually improving our service; and we pride ourselves in being able to explain important information to you in a manner that you are comfortable with and that you will understand.


How to join our services

We have a monthly allowance on the number of people we enrol onto our services including our repeat prescription service, so get in touch today on 0161 213 0394 or visit our website for a free call back and start benefitting from the range of services we offer at Westwood Pharmacy.


Don’t forget – all our services are guaranteed, we only put our name on services we know will work and we can deliver. It all starts with a quick phone call 0161 213 0394.


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